Robbie’s Research Interests

Robbie is particularly interested in issues in moral and political philosophy and ethics (both normative and applied) that arise as a result of the existence of various forms of partiality. He is currently developing a novel theory of partiality which implores a reconceptualization of the very foundations of special reasons and ‘associative’ duties of partiality. This project has applications in various theoretical debates (e.g. value theory and theories of moral obligation) as well as practical debates (e.g., partiality in personal/familial relationships, the ethics of love and sex, the ethics of relationship neuroenhancement, partiality towards religious communities, the ethics of patriotism and nationalism, the justification of political duties, and related issues of practical and distributive justice). In addition, his areas of expertise encompass the responsibilities of citizenship, the philosophy and politics of human rights, theories of justice, democratic theory, bioethics, engineering ethics, professional ethics and various topics pertaining to the ethics poverty, ecology and war.